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Imbibition: It is the process of water or any other liquid being absorbed by the solid particles of a substance without producing a solution. It is a form of diffusion that occurs when water is absorbed by solids-colloids, resulting in a volume increase.

Imbibition in Plants

  • It means water exposure by hydrophilic-protoplasmic and cell wall elements.
  • It causes swelling of the seed which leads to the rupture of the seed coat or testa.
  • It forms the first step in seed germination.
  • It aids in the flow of water into the maturing ovules, which become seeds.
  • It is required in the early stages of root water absorption.

Factors Affecting Imbibition

  • pressure
  • texture of the imbibant
  • pH of the medium
  • affinity of the imbibant for the imbibate.

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