Short Trick to Learn Actinides – Chemistry Mnemonics

Trick to Learn Actinides: Notes preparation is necessary for the students for the preparation of National Eligibility cum Entrance Examination (NEET). The exam is common test exam conducted for the students to take admission in medical colleges. The students who have studied biology as subject in science stream can apply for the exam and start their preparation for the exam. Students can check Short Tricks, notes, syllabus, mock test here at 

Trick to Learn Actinides

These Short Tricks (Mnemonics) on Trick to Learn Actinides are very helpful for various Medical Entrance Exam like NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER, PGIMER, CBSE Board, ICSE Board, Class 12th, 11th. Here are some mnemonic of this chapter topics listed below. These are very helpful for class 11th and 12th students :-

Trick to Learn Actinides

About Actinides:
✤ These are the elements of Actinides Series that is part of f-block.
✤ F-block are called Inner – Transition Elements.
✤ There are 15 Elements in Actinides series.
✤ In Actinides there is no stable Isotopes.
✤ These are Malleble Ductile and Soft
✤ All of them are Paramagnetic.


‘Are Thode Pehelwan Unse Niptenge, Purane Aam Cam Bikenge , Cirf Es Family Mein No Ldai’
‘अरे थोड़े पहलवान उनसे निपटेंगे, पुराने आम कम बिकेंगे, सिर्फ इस फॅमिली में नो लड़ाई ! ‘

Are 89 – Actinium (Ac)  
Thode 90 – Thorium (Th)
Pehelwan 91 – Protactinium (Pa)
Unse 92 – Uranium (U)
Niptenge 93 – Neptunium (Np)
Purane 94 – Plutonium (Pu)
Aam 95 – Americium (Am)
Cam 96 – Curium (Cm)
Bikenge 97 – Berkelium (Bk)
98 – Californium (Cf)
99 – Einsteinium (Es)
100 – Fermium (Fm)
101 – Mendelevium (Md)
102 – Nobelium (No)
103 – Lawrencium (Lr)

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