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Seminal Plasma: It is a complex fluid formed by the secretion of several accessory glands such as epididymis, vasa efferentia, bulbourethral gland, prostate gland, and seminal vesicles. It also includes cholesterol, glucose, metabolites, fructose, calcium, proteins, mineral elements, intracellular and antioxidant enzymes, and intracellular and antioxidant enzymes. Carbohydrates help it to provide nutrition and energy to the sperms. Many biochemical components of seminal plasma are crucial for metabolism and sperm function.


Components of Seminal Plasma

Major components of seminal human plasma are fructose, citric acid, lipids, buffering agents, proteolytic enzymes all coming from the secretions of

  • epididymis
  • vas deferens
  • seminal vesicles
  • prostate

Important Points

  • It contains fructose and glucose.
  • The source of energy for the sperms is fructose.
  • Calcium is responsible for the motility of the human sperm.

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