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Importance of Taxonomical Aids: Taxonomical aids are those instruments that help us: 

  • To store and preserve the information along with the specimens of various species. 
  • To study and do extensive research about these species, and whether they can be useful to agriculture, industries, forestry, as bio-resources, and daily life. 
  • In studying the organisms, their taxonomical hierarchy, and taxonomical rank. 
  • Useful in the identification and classification of organisms.

Importance of Taxonomical Aids

Importance of Taxonomical Aids

Some of the importance of Taxonomical Aids are as follows:

i. These taxonomic aids help to store and preserve the information and also the specimens.
ii. The collection of actual specimens of animal and plant species is essential and is the primary source of taxonomic studies.
iii. These are also essential for training in systematics, which is used for the classification of an organism.
iv. Hence, taxonomic aids facilitate identification, naming and classification of organisms using actual specimens collected from the fields and preserved as referrals in the form of herbaria, museums, etc.
v. Botanic gardens and zoological parks are also standard ex-situ conservation methods of plants and animals.

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