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Difference Between Secretion and Excretion: Excretion releases waste materials that cannot be reused, whereas secretion releases undesirable materials that can be reused.

  • The process of excretion is passive, whereas secretion is active.
  • Carbon dioxide, perspiration, tears, faeces, and urine are excreted by the body, whereas hormones, enzymes, and saliva are secreted by the body.
  • The lungs, skin, tear ducts, and rectum is engaged in excretion, whereas the Endocrine glands, digestive glands, salivary glands, liver, pancreas, and gallbladder are involved in secretion.
  • Tears, perspiration, and urine are materials released during the excretion process, whereas saliva and hormones are materials released during the secretion process.

Difference Between Secretion and Excretion

Excretion  Secretion 
It is the process of removing materials from a living organism. It’s the transportation of material from one region to another.
In nature, excretion is a passive process. In nature, secretion is active.
Tears, urine, carbon dioxide, and sweat are all excreted by humans. Enzymes, saliva, and hormones are all examples of human secretions.
Body waste makes up the majority of excretion. Secretion is a vital substance that our bodies can metabolize.
Plants excrete through their roots into their surroundings, as well as through the leaves and bark of their leaves and bark.

Latex, resin, gums, and other secretions are found in the plant body.


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