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Top 100 History One Liners: The most important sources of Ancient Indian History Notes are NCERT Books. Aspirants should read History from NCERT Books for UPSC to prepare for the IAS Exam. The Ancient history of India is an crucial topic for the CSE exam. It is also an interesting topic while being a vast topic as well. The notes and topics in this article will help in candidate in cruising through the Ancient History of India segment with relative ease.

Top 100 History One Liners

Que 1. In which period stone tools were first found?
Ans: Palaeolithic period

Que 2. Who introduced the famous Persian festival Nauroz?
Ans: Balban

Que 3. Which civilization is famous for its city planning?
Ans: Indus Valley Civilization

Que 4. Genghis Khan invaded the borders of India during the reign of?
Ans: Jalaluddin, Iltutmish

Que 5. What was the local name of Mohenjodaro?
Ans: mound of the dead

Que 6. Where was the huge bath found?
Ans: Mohenjodaro

Que 7. Worship of Mother was related to whom?
Ans: Indus Valley Civilization.

Que 8. Which civilization had the ship Malghat at the place called Lothal?
Ans: Indus Valley

Que 9. In the Indus Valley Civilization, Kalibanga was famous for?
Ans: ceramics

Que 10. The main food of the Vedic Aryans was?
Ans: milk and itsproducts.

Que 11. Which metal was first used by Vedic people?
Ans: copper

Que 12. Which three Vedas are jointly called ‘Vedatrayi’?
Ans: Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda

Que 13. When did Delhi Sultan’s rule begin?
Ans: 1206 AD

Que 14. Which fight opened Delhi area for Muhammad Ghori?
Ans: second battle of Tarain

Que 15. Where is the oldest settlement of Aryan Janjans?
Ans: Sapta Sindhu

Que 16. In which details of the coronation ceremony have been done?
Ans: Aitareya Brahmin

Que 17. Where is the famous Gayatri Mantra derived from?
Ans: Rigveda

Que 18. Which Vidushi challenged the invincible Yajnavalavya in the debate?
Ans: Gargi

Que 19. The birthplace of Gautama Buddha is inscribed by?
Ans: “Rummindei Pillar” of Ashok Maurya

Que 20. Where was the first Buddhist council held?
Ans: Rajgriha

Que 21. What mission did Alauddin Khilji entrust to the mission of conquering the south?
Ans: Malik Kapur

Que 22. Who was the savior of Delhi Sultanak?
Ans: Iltutmish

Que 23. Who built a two and a half day hut in Amjer?
Ans: Qutubuddin Aibak

Que 24. In which early Buddhist texts were composed?
Ans: Pali text

Que 25. The earliest Buddhist treatise in India is?
Ans: Vamsathapakasini

Que 26. Where did Buddha get enlightenment?
Ans: Realized

Que 27. “Desire is the cause of all miseries” Which is the religion promoting it?
Ans: Buddhism

Que 28. Who was Mahavir?
Ans: 24th Tirthankara

Que 29. Who is believed to be the first Tirthankara of Jainism?
Ans: Rishbhadeva

Que 30. What is Jain literature?
Ans: Ang

Que 31. Famous Jain centers are located in South India?
Ans: Shravanabelagola

Que 32. The oldest iron era in India is associated with?
Ans: painted gray pottery.

Que 33. Which first ruler was responsible for the rise of Magadha?
Ans: Bimbisara

Que 34. In the ancient times, the language used to write the source material was?
Ans: Sanskrit

Que 35. Alexander (Alexander) and Porus fought?
Ans: Jhelum

Que 36. The name of the religious text of the Jews is?
Ans: Musa Sahib

Que 37. Who was the Sultan who refused to accept the authority of the Khalifa?
Ans: Alauddin Khilji

Que 38. Who was to bring the Greeks out of India?
Ans: Chandragupta Maurya

Que 39. Who was the son of Chandragupta Maurya?
Ans: Bindusara

Que 40. Where was the disturbance in the time of Bindusara?
Ans: in Taxila

Que 41. Which event brought about a huge change in Ashoka’s administrative policy?
Ans: Kalinga war

Que 42. Who is famous by the name of Devanampriya?
Ans: Ashok

Que 43. After the Kalinga war, who recorded the conversion of Maharaj Ashoka?
Ans: Rock Addix Gpp

Que 44. The Greek ambassador sent to the court of Chandragupta Maurya was?
Ans: Megasthenes

Que 45. Who has written Indica?
Ans: Megasthenes

Que 46. Chandragupta Maurya’s famous Guru Chanakya was related to which center of learning?
Ans: Taxila

Que 47. Whose contemporary was the author of economics?
Ans: Chandragupta Maurya

Que 48. In which script is Ashoka’s Shilakh engraved?
Ans: Brahmi

Que 49. Which famous ruler was called the ‘father of inscriptions’?
Ans: Ashoka

Que 50. Who was endemic during the rule of Maurya dynasty?
Ans: District Administrator

Que 51. Who was the last ruler of Maurya dynasty?
Ans: Brihadratha

Que 52. What is Milindapanho?
Ans: Buddhist text

Que 53. By what name is the art school developed in?
Ans: the Kushan period

Que 54. Developed from the mixture of Indian and style?
Ans: Gandhara art

Que 55. Name the famous king of Kushan dynasty?
Ans: Kanishka

Que 56. Who and when did the Shank Samvat begin?
Ans: Kanishka in 78 CE

Que 57. Under whose reign the Gandhara style of art flourished?
Ans: Kanishka

Que 58. King Kharvel was the greatest ruler of which Chedi dynasty?
Ans: Kalinga

Que 59. Who was the greatest ruler of Satavahana?
Ans: Gautamiputra Shatkarni

Que 60. Who installed a rust-free iron pillar in Mehrauli?
Ans: Gupta

Que 61. Chandragupta Dwitiya and by what name was he known?
Ans: Vikramaditya

Que 62. Harishen was the king of which king?
Ans: Samudragupta

Que 63. India’s trade with the Roman Empire ended with the invasion of Rome by?
Ans: the Huns.

Que 64. Most metal coins were issued during the Gupta period?
Ans: Gold

Que 65. Where does Napoleon of India go because of his victories?
Ans: Samudragupta

Que 66. Whose achievements are described in the Allahabad Pillar inscription?
Ans: Samudragupta

Que 67. Fahman came to India during whose reign?
Ans: Chandragupta Dwitiya

Que 68. Who is the author of Meghdoot?
Ans: Kalidas

Que 69. In whose court Dhanvantari, the famous physician of ancient India, gave his advice?
Ans: Chandragupta II

Que 70. During whose reign Ajanta caves were built?
Ans: Gupta

Que 71. Describe the center of Roman trade during the Sangam period?
Ans: Arikamedu

Que 72. Which Chola king Rajendra held the title?
Ans: Pandit Chola, Mudikond, Gangaikad

Que 73. In which century Delhi’s Qutub Minar was built?
Ans: 13th century

Que 74. Which Chola king had first conquered Lanka?
Ans: Rajaraja I

Que 75. Information related to whose administration is found in the Uttammerur inscription?
Ans: Chola

Que 76. Ibn Batuta came to India under whose reign?
Ans: Muhammad-binTughlaq

Que 77. Which was the early capital of Rashtrakutas?
Ans: Ellora

Que 78. Who built the famous Shiva temple of Ellora?
Ans: Rashtrakuta ruler Krishna.

Que 79. Which book was written by King Amoghavarsh of Rashtrakuta?
Ans: Kaviraj Marg

Que 80. Before taking over as the Sultan of Delhi, Balban was the Prime Minister of which Sultan?
Ans: Nasiruddin

Que 81. During which dynasty Mahabalipuram temple was built?
Ans: Pallava dynasty

Que 82. Pulakeshin III was the greatest ruler of which?
Ans: the Chalukyas of Vatapi

Que 83. Whose daughter was Razia Sultan?
Ans: Altamash (Iltutmish)

Que 84. The famous Dilwara temples are located?
Ans: in Rajasthan

Que 85. Who wrote the book ‘Kathasritasagar’?
Ans: Somdev

Que 86. Who was the author of Harsha Charitra?
Ans: Banabhatta

Que 87. Who built Khajuraho temples?
Ans: Chandel Rajput

Que 88. Which Pratihara king took the title of proof?
Ans: Mihir Bhoja

Que 89. Who was the greatest king of Pratihara dynasty?
Ans: Mihir Bhoj

Que 90. What was the name of the Chinese traveler who came to the court of Harsha Vardhan?
Ans: Hannsang

Que 91. Who was given the name Pins of Pilgrims?
Ans: Hensang

Que 92. Who was the contemporary South Indian ruler of Harsh Vardhan?
Ans: Pulakeshin II

Que 93. The Sanskrit drama Nagananda was composed by which ruler?
Ans: Harshavardhana

Que 94. Nalanda University in India is located in which state?
Ans: Bihar

Que 95. The Muslim invader who destroyed Nalanda University was?
Ans: Muhammad bin Bakhtiar

Que 96. Sanchi has great stupasin?
Ans: Madhya Pradesh

Que 97. Who were the two descendants who ruled immediately before and after the Khilji rulers?
Ans: Syed and Lodi

Que 98. Who was the founder of Lodi dynasty?
Ans: Bahlol Lodi

Que 99. Name the commander of the Arab army who conquered Sindh?
Ans: Muhammad bin Qasim

Que 100. Who had defeated Prithviraj in the second battle of Tarain?
Ans: Muhammad Ghori

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