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Thecodonts and Diphyodont: Thecodonts are dentitions in which the base of the tooth is enclosed with jaw sockets. The tooth is imbibed with sockets of the jawbone but the ankylosis is absent. For example, crocodilians and mammals. Diphyodont is a kind of dentition where the sets go through a developed lifetime. The primary step of deciduous and other sets of teeth is considered permanent. At a later stage, the deciduous sets of teeth are replaced by permanent adult teeth. This is how the classifications are being separated to understand the thecodont and diphyodont.


Thecodonts and Diphyodont

  • Thecodont is a type of dentition in which the teeth are embedded in the deep sockets of the jaw bone. Examples include living crocodilians and mammals.
  • Diphyodont is a type of dentition in which two successive sets of teeth are developed during the lifetime of the organism. The first set of teeth is deciduous and the other set is permanent. The deciduous set of teeth is replaced by the permanent adult teeth. This type of dentition can be seen in humans.


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