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Staminate: Staminate flowers are type of unisex flowers. These flowers only have male reproductive parts of the flower, stamen. Hence these flowers are also known as androecious flowers. These flowers completely lack female reproductive parts, carpels. Thus technically these flowers can only undergo cross pollination. but when a pistillate flower is present on the same plant, these can even undergo self pollination.

  • Staminate flowers also known as androecious flowers are unisex flowers that bear stamens only and produce pollen grains only.
  • Staminate flowers undergo self-pollination.
  • They are not capable of producing fruits.
  • Example:- Cucumber, Eggplant, Chrysanthemum, etc.

Morphology of a Staminate

A stamen consists of a stalk known as filament and an anther that bears microsporangia. Most of the anthers are two-lobed and attached to the filament either in the middle area of the anther or at the base. The connective is the sterile tissue between the lobes which is an extension of the filament which contains conducting strands. A pollen grain is developed from a microspore present in the microsporangium and it contains the male gametophyte.In a flower, collective stamens are referred to as androecium. The androecium form a variety of patterns in varied plant species, some of which are highly complex.

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