Simple Past Tense Notes – English Grammar Notes PDF for Academic and Competitive Exams

Simple Past Tense Notes: As the name suggests, Simple Past Tense is used to describe past actions that were completed at a specific point in time. This tense is formed by using the past tense of the verb. In this blog, we will explore Simple Past Tense in depth and look at some examples.

Simple Past Tense

Formation of Simple Past Tense

To form Simple Past Tense, regular verbs require the addition of “-ed” at the end of the base form of the verb. However, irregular verbs form the past tense in different ways. Here are some examples:

Regular verbs:

  • Walked
  • Talked
  • Played
  • Worked
  • Watched

Irregular verbs:

  • Ate
  • Saw
  • Ran
  • Spoke
  • Took

Examples of Simple Past Tense

Here are some examples of Simple Past Tense in sentences:

Regular verbs:

  • She walked to the park yesterday.
  • They talked for hours on the phone last night.
  • He played soccer with his friends after school.
  • I worked at the company for five years.
  • We watched a movie at home last weekend.

Irregular verbs:

  • She ate pizza for dinner last night.
  • They saw a beautiful sunset at the beach.
  • He ran a marathon last year.
  • She spoke to the manager about the issue.
  • He took his dog for a walk in the park.

Usage of Simple Past Tense

Simple Past Tense is used to describe actions that occurred at a specific point in the past. It is often used to talk about completed events or actions. Here are some common uses of Simple Past Tense:

  1. To describe past actions that occurred at a specific point in time:
  • I met my friend yesterday.
  • She went to the store last night.
  • They visited their grandparents last weekend.
  1. To describe past habits or repeated actions:
  • He always ate breakfast before leaving for work.
  • We played tennis every Saturday.
  • She studied for two hours every night.
  1. To describe past states or conditions:
  • The weather was beautiful yesterday.
  • He was happy when he received the news.
  • She felt tired after the long day.


Simple Past Tense is an essential tense in the English language. It is used to describe past actions, habits, and states that were completed at a specific point in time. By understanding the formation and usage of Simple Past Tense, you can improve your English language skills and effectively communicate in the past tense.

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