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Seminal VesiclesIt is the secondary reproductive structure in males. It lie on each side of the front part at the neck region of the urinary bladder. The function of the seminal vesicles is to store sperms and to secrete seminal fluid.

Function of Seminal Vesicle

  • The main function of the seminal vesicles is to produce a fluid that is high in fructose, a sugar that provides nutrients for sperm cells, as well as other proteins, enzymes, and mucus.
  • The fluid produced by the seminal vesicles is stored in the vesicles themselves.
  • The alkaline fluid of the seminal vesicle protects the sperm from the acidic environment of the vagina.

Structure of Seminal Vesicle

The seminal vesicles have a pyramid-like shape and are around 5 cm (2 inches) in length. The internal structure of this organ consists of three layers:

  • Outer layer: Connective tissue
  • Middle layer: Smooth muscle tissue
  • Inner layer: Specialized mucosal cells that produce and secrete seminal vesicle fluid

Fluid secreted by the Seminal Vesicle

Component Function
Fructose Provides an energy source for sperm motility
Alkaline fluid Neutralizes the acidic environment in the female vagina
Proteins Protect the sperm by creating a gel-like layer around them
Potassium Mineral ion that helps with the sperm’s motility
Phosphorus Mineral ion that helps with the sperm’s motility
Prostaglandins Hormones that reduce the immune response to semen in the female


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