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Role of Root Endodermis: In plants, Endodermis is the layer present in the cortex and as it is made up of the suberised matrix the casparian strip which allows only selected flow of minerals inside the cell by symplast pathway to the xylem and also contains transport protein that acts as a checkpoint for the entry. It also helps to prevent the backflow of water and mineral as it has the ability to transport mineral and ions in one direction.


Role of Root Endodermis

  • In land plants, the endodermis is the core, deepest layer of cortex.
  • It is a cylinder of compact living cells with hydrophobic material (Casparian strip) deposited on the radial walls to prevent apoplastic water flow into the interior.
  • In the roots, the endodermis is found between the vascular tissues and the cortex.
  • It forms the cortex’s inner margin.
  • Due to the presence of suberized Casparian strips, it is water impervious.
  • It functions as an apoplastic barrier, regulating the flow of water and nutrients throughout the vascular system.
  • To reach the xylem, water must go through the symplastic pathway.
  • Endodermis prevents water from leaking back into the vascular system.

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