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Respiratory Organs: The process of exchange of O2 from the atmosphere with CO2 produced by the cell is called breathing. It occurs in two stages of inspiration and expiration. During inspiration air enters the lungs from atmosphere and during expiration air leaves the lungs.

Breathing Respiration
a. It is simply an intake of fresh air and removal of foul air.

b. It is a physical process.

c. No energy is released.

d. It is an extracellular process.

a. It is the oxidation of food to form carbon dioxide, water and energy.

b. It is a biochemical process.

c. Energy is released in form of ATP.

d. It is an intracellular process.

Respiratory Organs

Mechanism of breathing varies in different organism according to their body structure and habitat.

Respiratory Organs Organisms
Entire Body surface Sponges, coelenterate, flatworms.
Skin Earthworm.
Tracheal system Insects
Gills Pisces, aquatic arthropods.
Lungs Amphibians, mammals.


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