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Neural Tissue: Nervous tissue is specialized to transmit messages in our body. They can receive, integrate and transmit stimuli to various parts of the body. It is devoid of matrix. Its cell is surrounded by a special connective tissue cells. Nervous tissue contains two types of cells: Neuron and neuroglial cells.

Structure of Neural Tissue

  • It is made of nerve cells or neurons, all of which consists of an axon. Axons are long stem-like projections emerging out of the cell, responsible for communicating with other cells called the Target cells, thereby passing impulses
  • The main part is the cell body which contains the nucleus, cytoplasm and cell organelles. Extensions of the cell membrane are referred to as processes.
  • Dendrite is a highly branched processes, responsible for receiving information from other neurons and synapses (specialized point of contact). Information of other neurons is provided by dendrites to connect with its cell body.
  • Information in a neuron is unidirectional as it passes through neurons from dendrites, across the cell body down the axon.

Characteristics of Neural Tissue

  • Nervous tissue makes up for the CNS and PNS of the nervous system
  • Contains two distinct cells – neurons and glial cells
  • It consists of the dendrites, cell body, axon and nerve endings.
  • Neurons secrete chemical neurotransmitters which are responsible for stimulating other neurons as a result of a stimuli
  • Presence of specialization at axonal terminals called synapsis
  • Nerve cells live long, cannot be divided and replaced(except memory cells)

Functions of Neural Tissue

  • Neurons generate and carry out nerve impulses. They produce electrical signals that are transmitted across distances, they do so by secreting chemical neurotransmitters.
  • Responds to stimuli
  • Carries out communication and integration
  • Provides electrical insulations to nerve cells and removes debris
  • Carries messages from other neurons to the cell body

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