mRNA and tRNA – Class 12 | Chapter – 6 | Biology Short Notes Series PDF

mRNA and tRNA: mRNA stands for messenger RNA. This type of RNA is made during transcription and holds the blueprint for a functional protein. mRNA is directly made from your genes and creates proteins coded for by your DNA.

tRNAs are very important for translation. tRNA stands for transfer RNA, which exactly describes their function. These specialized tRNAs transfer amino acids during the translation of mRNA into proteins. Each of the 20 amino acids binds to a specific tRNA and is deposited onto the growing peptide chain.

Difference between mRNA and tRNA

  • The messenger RNA serves as a template for the transcription process
  • The transfer RNA serves as an adaptor molecule carrying a particular amino acid to the mRNA to synthesise polypeptide
  • mRNA is a linear molecule
  • Resembles a clover-shaped leaf
  • Gets attached to the ribosome only
  • Gets attached at one end to the ribosome and the other end to an amino acid


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