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Physics MCQ on Series and Parallel Circuits for NEET, JEE, Medical and Engineering Exam 2021

MCQ on Series and Parallel Circuits: Previous trends reveal that NEET/JEE aspirants find Physics as the most challenging section amongst the other sections. But most of them fail to decipher the reason behind this. This particularly can be as the candidates taking up this examination are predominantly medical aspirants with their subject of interest being Biology. Also, sections like Physics are more on theories, laws, numerical as opposed to Biology which is more of fact-based, life sciences and comprising of substantial explanations.

MCQ on Series and Parallel Circuits

In this post we are providing you MCQ on Series and Parallel Circuits, which will be beneficial for you in upcoming NEET, AIIMS, JEE, WBJEE, Medical and Engineering Exams.

MCQ on Series and Parallel Circuits

Q1. The parallel combination of a 1.5 kΩ resistor and 470 Ω resistor is in series with the parallel combination of five 1 kΩ resistors. The source voltage is 50 V. The percentage of the load current through any single 1 kΩresistor is _____.
a) 25 %
b) 20 %
c) 50 %
d) 100 %

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(b) 20 %

Q2. A certain Wheatstone bridge has the following resistor values: R1= 10 kΩ, R2 = 720 Ω and R4 = 2.4 kΩ. The unknown resistance is _____.
a) 24 Ω
b) 2.4 Ω
c) 300 Ω
d) 3,000 Ω

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(d) 3,000 Ω

Q3. A Voltage divider consists of two 68 kΩ resistors and a 24 V source. The unknown output voltage is _____.
a) 12 V
b) 24 V
c) 6 V
d) 0V

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(a) 12 V

Q4. A certain circuit is composed of two parallel resistors. The total resistance is 1,403 Ω. One of the resistors is 2 Ω. The other resistor value is _____.
a) 1,403 Ω
b) 4.7 kΩ
c) 2 kΩ
d) 3,403 Ω

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(b) 4.7 kΩ

Q5. A certain voltage divider consists of three 1 kΩ resistors in series. Which of the following load resistors will have the least effect on the output voltage?
a) 1 MΩ
b) 100 MΩ
c) 1 kΩ
d)  330 Ω

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(a) 1 MΩ

Q6. A voltage divider consists of ot two 100 kΩ resistors and a 12 V source. What will the voltage be if a load resistor of 1 MΩ is connected to the output?
a) 0.57 V
b) 6 V
c) 12 V
d) 5.7 V

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(d) 5.7 V

Q7. In a certain five-step R/2R ladder network, the smallest resistor value is _____.
a) Indeterminable
b) 2 kΩ
c) 10 kΩ
d) 20 kΩ

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(b) 2 kΩ

Q8. On which of the following voltage range settings will a voltameter present minimum load on a circuit?
a) 1 V
b) 50 V
c) 500 V
d) 1,000 V

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(d) 1,000 V

Q9. The 1.2 kΩ resistors are in series and this series combination is in parallel with a 3.3 3.3 kΩ resistor. The total resistance is _____.
a) 138 Ω 
b) 1389 Ω 
c) 5,700 Ω
d) 880 Ω

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(b) 1389 Ω 

Q10. Two 3.3 kΩ resistors are in series combination are in parallel with a 4.7 kΩ resistor. What will be the voltage across the 4.7 kΩ resistors if the voltage across one of the 3.3 kΩ resistors is 12 V ?
a) 24 V
b) 12 V
c) 0 V
d) 6 V

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(a) 24 V

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