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Biology MCQ on Osmoregulation for NEET and Medical Exam 2021

MCQ on Osmoregulation: Biology is one of the most important and vital sections in NEET. It includes theories, descriptions, discoveries, diagrams, definitions, explanation of differences and relations. Most of the concepts covered in the NEET syllabus are from the NCERT syllabus of Class 11 & 12. Other related sources make up for the rest of the syllabus.

MCQ on Osmoregulation

In this post we are providing you MCQ on Osmoregulation, which will be beneficial for you in upcoming NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER, PGIMER, CBSE Board, ICSE Board, Class 12th, 11th.

MCQ on Osmoregulation

Q1. _______ is not a primary function of protonephridia.
a) excretion
b) osmoregulation
c) fluid volume regulation
d) ionic volume regulation

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(a) excretion

Q2. Most of the marine invertebrates are _______.
a) Osmoregulators
b) Osmoconformers
c) both depend on sea water concentration
d) None of the above

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(b) Osmoconformers

Q3. In Paramoecium, osmoregulation is a function of _______.
a) cytostome
b) contractile vacuole
c) cytopyge
d) trichocysts

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(b) contractile vacuole

Q4. Mechanism of regulation, typically between entities and its environment of solutes and the loss and gain of water is known as _______.
a)  Homeostasis
b) Thermoregulation
c) Hemostasis
d) Osmoregulation

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(d) Osmoregulation

Q5. Kidney matrix retains some quantity of urea to maintain _______.
a) metabolism
b) micturition
c) desired osmolarity
d) balance of the body

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(c) desired osmolarity

Q6. _______ is used as an osmolyte in humans to increase medullary interstitial osmolality during concentration of urine.
a)  Urea
c) (a) and (b) both
d)  Uric acid

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(a) Urea

Q7. _______ is both osmoregulator and a nitrogenous product.
a) Uric acid
b) Urea
c) NH3
d) All of the above

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(b) Urea

Q8. Osmoregulators carry out excretion of salt through _______.
a) gills
b) fins
c) scales
d) bladder

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(a) gills

Q9. A person on a long hunger strike, surviving only on water will have _______.
a)  less amino acids in his urine
b) more sodium in hir urine
c) less urea in his urine
d) more glucose in his blood

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(c) less urea in his urine

Q10. Without restoration, if excess water passes out from the tissues of kidney, the cells would _______.
a) shrivel and die
b)  burst open and die
c) not get affected at all
d) take water from plasma

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(c) not get affected at all

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