Physics MCQ on Horizontal Projectile Motion for NEET, JEE, Medical and Engineering Exam 2022

MCQ on Horizontal Projectile Motion: Previous trends reveal that NEET/JEE aspirants find Physics as the most challenging section amongst the other sections. But most of them fail to decipher the reason behind this. This particularly can be as the candidates taking up this examination are predominantly medical aspirants with their subject of interest being Biology. Also, sections like Physics are more on theories, laws, numerical as opposed to Biology which is more of fact-based, life sciences and comprising of substantial explanations.

In this post we are providing you MCQ on Horizontal Projectile Motion, which will be beneficial for you in upcoming NEET, AIIMS, JEE, WBJEE, Medical and Engineering Exams.

MCQ on Horizontal Projectile Motion

Q1. The maximum range of gum on horizontal terrain is 16 km. If g = 10 m/s2. What must be the muzzle velocity of the shell?
a) 400 m/s
b) 100 m/s
c) 200 m/s
d) 50 m/s

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(a) 400 m/s

Q2. A particle moves in a plane with constant acceleration in a direction from the initial velocity. The path of the particle will be _______.
a) A parabola
b) An ellipse
c) A straight line
d) An arc of a circle

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(a) A parabola

Q3. A stone is just released from the window of a train moving along a horizontal straight track. The stone will hit the ground following _______.
a) Hyperbolic path
b) Straight path
c) Circular path
d) Parabolic path

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(d) Parabolic path

Q4. A particle A is dropped from a height and another particle B is thrown in a horizontal direction with the speed of 5m/sec from the same height. The correct statement is _______.
a) Particle B will reach the ground first
b) Both particles will reach the ground with the same speed
c) Particle A will reach the ground first
d) Both particles will reach the ground simultaneously

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(d) Both particles will reach the ground simultaneously

Q5. At the height 80 m, an aeroplane is moving with 150 m/s. A bomb is dropped from it so as to hit a target. At what distance from the target should the bomb be dropped?
a) 600 m
b) 605.3 m
c) 80m
d) 230 m

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(a) 600 m

Q6. A bullet is dropped from the same height when another bullet is fired horizontally. They will hit the ground _______.
a) Simultaneously
b) Depends on the observer
c) One after the other
d) None of the above

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(a) Simultaneously

Q7. An aeroplane moving horizontally with a speed of 720 km/h drops a food packet while flying at a height of 396.9m. The time taken by the food packet to reach the ground and its horizontal range is _______. 
a) 9 sec and 1800 m
b) 5 sec and 500 m
c) 8 sec and 1500 m
d) 3 sec and 2000 m

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(a) 9 sec and 1800 m

Q8. An aeroplane flying 490 m above ground level at 100 m/s, releases a block. How far on the ground will it strike?
a) 2 Km
b) 0.1 km
c) 1 km
d) None

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(c) 1km

Q9. A bomb is dropped from an aeroplane moving horizontally at a constant speed. When air resistance is taken into consideration, the bomb _______.
a) Flies with the aeroplane
b) Falls to earth behind the aeroplane
c) Falls to earth ahead of the plane
d) Falls to earth exactly below the aeroplane

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(b) Falls to earth behind the aeroplane

Q10. A man projects a coin upwards from the gate of a uniformly moving train. The path of coin for the man will be _______.
a) Vertical straight line
b) Inclined straight line
c) Parabolic
d) Horizontal straight line

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(a) Vertical straight line

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