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Biology MCQ on Greenhouse Effect for NEET and Medical Exam 2021

MCQ on Greenhouse Effect: Biology is one of the most important and vital sections in NEET. It includes theories, descriptions, discoveries, diagrams, definitions, explanation of differences and relations. Most of the concepts covered in the NEET syllabus are from the NCERT syllabus of Class 11 & 12. Other related sources make up for the rest of the syllabus.

MCQ on Greenhouse Effect

In this post we are providing you MCQ on Greenhouse Effect, which will be beneficial for you in upcoming NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER, PGIMER, CBSE Board, ICSE Board, Class 12th, 11th.

MCQ on Greenhouse Effect

Q1. Greenhouse gases present in very high quantity is _______.
a) ethane
b) carbon dioxide
c) propane
d) methane

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(b) carbon dioxide

Q2. Which statement is false about greenhouse effect ?
a) life on earth is possible due to greenhouse effect
b) greenhouse effect is a natural process that maintains earth’s temperature
c) increased emission of greenhouse gases is a natural process
d) increased emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere increases earth’s temperature

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(c) increased emission of greenhouse gases is a natural process

Q3. Gas molecules absorbing thermal infrared radiation and present in large quantity to change the climate system is known as _______.
a) ozone gases
b) beta radiations
c) alpha radiations
d) greenhouse gases

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(d) greenhouse gases

Q4. _______ is the most potent greenhouse gas in terms of efficiency.
a) N2O
b) CFC
c) C2O
d) CH4

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(b) CFC

Q5. Relative contribution of various greenhouse gases to total global warming will not be _______.
a) CFCs – 14%
b) N2O – 12%
c) Carbon dioxide – 60%
d) Methane – 20%

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(b) N2O – 12%

Q6. Wavelength of infrared radiations is _______.
a) shorter
b) longer
c) infinite
d) Zero

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(b) longer

Q7. The one which is not considered as naturally occurring greenhouse gas is _______.
a) ethane
b) methane
c) carbon dioxide
d) nitrous oxide

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(a) ethane

Q8. These are features of higher energy level and shorter wavelengths.
a) infrared radiation
b) alpha radiation
c) beta radiation
d) ultraviolet radiation

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(d) ultraviolet radiation

Q9. Burning of fossil fuels _______.
a) increased oxygen level
b) increases greenhouse gases
c) decreases greenhouse gases
d) increased ethane level

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(b) increases greenhouse gases

Q10. Normal greenhouse effect is essential for sustenance of life on Earth as it has raised the surface temperature of earth by _______.
a) 15 ℃
b) 33 ℃
c) –18 ℃
d) 50 ℃

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(b) 33 ℃

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