Physics MCQ on Electromagnetic Spectrum for NEET, JEE, Medical and Engineering Exam 2021

MCQ on Electromagnetic Spectrum: Previous trends reveal that NEET/JEE aspirants find Physics as the most challenging section amongst the other sections. But most of them fail to decipher the reason behind this. This particularly can be as the candidates taking up this examination are predominantly medical aspirants with their subject of interest being Biology. Also, sections like Physics are more on theories, laws, numerical as opposed to Biology which is more of fact-based, life sciences and comprising of substantial explanations.


MCQ on Electromagnetic Spectrum

In this post we are providing you MCQ on Electromagnetic Spectrum, which will be beneficial for you in upcoming NEET, AIIMS, JEE, WBJEE, Medical and Engineering Exams.

MCQ on Electromagnetic Spectrum

Q1. Which of the following are not electromagnetic waves?
a) Cosmic rays
b) Gamma rays
c) β rays
d) X rays

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(c) β rays  

Q2. The ultra-high frequency band of radio waves in the electromagnetic wave is used as in ______.
a) Television
b) Cellular phone communication
c) Commercial FM radio
d) Both a and b

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(b) Cellular phone communication

Q3. The structure of solids is investigated by using ______.
a) Microwaves
b) Gamma rays
c) X-rays
d) Infrared rays

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(c) X-rays

Q4. Which of the following has a minimum wavelength?
a) Gamma rays
b) Blue light
c) Infrared rays
d) microwave

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(a) Gamma rays

Q5.  Which of the following electromagnetic waves is used in medicine to destroy cancer cells?
a) IR-rays
b) Visible rays
c) Gamma rays
d) Ultraviolet rays

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(c) Gamma rays

Q6. Which of the following is called heat radiation?
a) X-Ray
b) Gamma rays
c) Microwave
d) Infrared radiation

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(d) Infrared radiation

Q7. The waves used by artificial satellites for communication is ______.
a) Microwaves
b) Infrared waves
c) Radio waves
d) X rays

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(a) Microwaves

Q8. 10 cm is the wavelength corresponding to the spectrum of ______.
a) Infrared rays
b) Ultraviolet rays
c) Microwaves
d) X-rays

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(c) Microwaves

Q9. Which among the following has the maximum penetrating power?
a) Radio waves
b) Microwaves
c) Ultraviolet radiation
d) Gamma rays

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(d) Gamma rays

Q10. Which radiations are used in the treatment of muscle ache?
a) Infrared
b) Ultraviolet
c) Microwave
d) X-rays

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(a) Infrared

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