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Physics MCQ on Cyclotron for NEET, JEE, Medical and Engineering Exam 2021

MCQ on Cyclotron: Previous trends reveal that NEET/JEE aspirants find Physics as the most challenging section amongst the other sections. But most of them fail to decipher the reason behind this. This particularly can be as the candidates taking up this examination are predominantly medical aspirants with their subject of interest being Biology. Also, sections like Physics are more on theories, laws, numerical as opposed to Biology which is more of fact-based, life sciences and comprising of substantial explanations.

MCQ on Cyclotron

In this post we are providing you MCQ on Cyclotron, which will be beneficial for you in upcoming NEET, AIIMS, JEE, WBJEE, Medical and Engineering Exams.

MCQ on Cyclotron


Q1. The cyclotron frequency of an electron grating in a magnetic field of 1 T is approximately _____.
a) 28MHz
b) 280MHz
c) 2.8 GHz
d) 28GHz

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(d) 28 GHz

Q2. A  proton of energy 100 eV is moving perpendicular to a magnetic field 10-4 T. The cyclotron frequency of the proton in radian/sec is ________.
a) 2.80x 106
b) 9.6x 103
c) 5.6x 106
d) 1.76x 106

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(b) 9.6x 103

Q3. An alternating electric field of frequency f is applied across the dees (radius = R) of a cyclotron that is being used to accelerate protons (mass = m). The operating magnetic field (B) used in the cyclotron and the kinetic energy (K) of the proton, produced by it, are given by ______.
a) B= mf/e and K= 2mπ2v2R2
b) B= 2πmf/e and K= m2πvR2
c) B= 2πmf/e and K= 2mπ2v2R
d) B=  mf/e and K= m2πvR2

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(c) B= 2πmf/e and K= 2mπ2v2R

Q4. The energy of emergent protons in MeV from a cyclotron having a radius of its dees 2 m and applied magnetic field 0.8 T is (mass of proton = 1.67 x 10-27 kg).
a) 0.961x 10-11 J
b) 1.22x 10-11 J
c) 1.5 x 10-12 J
d) 12x 10-11 J

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(a) 0.961x 10-11 J

Q5. The angular frequency of a cyclotron is independent of _______.
a) Speed 
b) Mass 
c) Magnetic field
d) Charge

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(a) Speed

Q6. Cyclotron can be used in _______.
a) Particle therapy to treat cancer
b) source of high energy beam for a nuclear physics experiment 
c) Produced short-lived positron -emitting isotopes for PET imaging
d) All of the above

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(d) All of the above

Q7. The maximum kinetic energy of the positive ion in the cyclotron is _______.
a) qBR2/2m
b) q2B2R2/2m
c) q2B2R2/m
d) qBR/m

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(b) q2B2R2/2m

Q8. A Cyclotron can accelerate _______.
a) β particles
b) α particles
c) High -velocity gamma rays 
d) High-velocity X-rays

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(a) α particles

Q9. Suppose a cyclotron is operated at an oscillator frequency of 12 MHz and a dee radius of 53cm. What is the resulting kinetic energy of the deuterons?
a) 16.6 MeV
b) 12 MeV
c) 15MeV
d)  14MeV

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(a) 16.6MeV

Q10. Cyclotron cannot accelerate _______.
a) Electrons
b) Neutrons
c) Positive ions
d) Both (1) and (2)

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(d) Both (1) and (2)


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