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Physics MCQ on Biot savart Law for NEET, JEE, Medical and Engineering Exam 2021

MCQ on Biot Savart Law: Previous trends reveal that NEET/JEE aspirants find Physics as the most challenging section amongst the other sections. But most of them fail to decipher the reason behind this. This particularly can be as the candidates taking up this examination are predominantly medical aspirants with their subject of interest being Biology. Also, sections like Physics are more on theories, laws, numerical as opposed to Biology which is more of fact-based, life sciences and comprising of substantial explanations.

MCQ on Biot Savart Law

In this post we are providing you MCQ on Biot Savart Law, which will be beneficial for you in upcoming NEET, AIIMS, JEE, WBJEE, Medical and Engineering Exams.

MCQ on Biot Savart Law

Q1. Two parallel conductors separated by a distance 2r carries current i in the same direction. The intensity of the magnetic field midway between them is ________.
a) Zero
b) μ0 i/r
c) 4μ0 i/r
d)  μ0 i/4r

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(a) Zero

Q2. If  the strength of the magnetic field at a point r near a long straight current-carrying wire is B. The value of the field at a distance r/2 will be ________.
a) B/2
b) B/4
c) 2B
d) 4B

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Q3. Which of the following properties cannot be calculated from Biot Savart law?
a) Magnetic field intensity
b) Flux density
c) Permeability
d) Electric field intensity

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(d) Electric field intensity

Q4. A  straight wire of length 2 metres is taken and a current of 1 Ampere is passed through them. The magnetic field at a point along the axis of the wire at a distance of 3 metres from either end of the wire is given by ________.
a) μ0 /4π
b) Zero
c) μ0
d) 2μ0 /π

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(b) Zero

Q5. Which is the equation of the magnetic field according to Biot-Savart’s law?
a) IdIsinθ/r2
b) (μ0/4π)IdIsinθ/r
c) (μ0/4π)IdIsinθ/r2
d) (μ0/4π)IdIsinθ

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(c) (μ0/4π)IdIsinθ/r2

Q6. To which law of electricity is Biot savart law of magnesium analogous to ________.
a) Coulomb’s law
b) Ohm’s law
c) Kirchoff’s law
d) Faraday’s law

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(a) Coulomb’s Law 

Q7. Consider a current i flowing through the inner conductor of a coaxial cable and the current returns along the outer conductor of the cable. The value of magnetic induction at a distance r from the axis is ________.
a) (μ0/4π)(2i/r)
b)  ∞
c) Zero
d) (μ0/4π)(2πi/r)

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(c) Zero

Q8. Consider a circular conductor with 2m radius and 8 A current flowing through it. What is the value of magnetic field intensity at the centre of the circular conductor?
a) 4π x 10-7 T
b) 8π x 10-7 T
c) 8 x 10-7 T
d) 3π x 10-7 T

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(b) 8πx 10-7 T

Q9. The magnetic field due to a copper rod carrying direct current is ________.
a) The magnetic field is inside the rod
b) The magnetic field is outside the rod
c) Both inside and outside the rod
d) Neither inside nor outside

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(c) Both inside and outside the rod 

Q10. If  the current I flows through the coil of radius r then the field at the centre of the circular coil is
a) Inversely proportional to I2
b) Direct proportional to I
c) Direct proportional to r
d) Inversely Proportional to  r2

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(b) Direct proportional to I

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