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List of Officers in Delhi Sultanate: The Delhi Sultanate, which ruled various parts of the Indian subcontinent from the 13th to the 16th century, had a well-organized administrative system with various officers and officials responsible for different aspects of governance.

List of Officers in Delhi Sultanate

Here is a list of some of the key officers and officials in the Delhi Sultanate:

  1. Sultan: The ruler of the Delhi Sultanate held the highest authority and was the head of the government. The sultan was responsible for making crucial decisions regarding governance, policy, and administration.
  2. Vizier or Wazir: The vizier served as the prime minister and chief advisor to the sultan. This officer played a pivotal role in the administration, including advising the ruler on state matters and overseeing the administration.
  3. Amir-i-Diwan: This officer was responsible for financial and revenue matters. They played a significant role in managing the state’s finances, taxation, and revenue collection.
  4. Sadr: The sadr was in charge of religious matters and supervised the religious institutions and endowments of the state. They played a crucial role in maintaining religious harmony and endowments.
  5. Mir Bakshi: The mir bakshi was responsible for the administration of the military and the recruitment of soldiers. They oversaw the affairs of the army, including appointments and promotions.
  6. Naib or Deputy: The naib was a deputy appointed by the sultan to represent him in various regions of the empire. They had administrative and political responsibilities in their respective areas.
  7. Diwan-i-Ariz or Military Department: This department was responsible for managing the army’s finances, salaries, and logistics. The diwan-i-ariz worked closely with the mir bakshi.
  8. Diwan-i-Insha or Royal Correspondence: This department managed official correspondence, including letters, documents, and communications with foreign rulers.
  9. Qazi: The qazi served as a judge and was responsible for administering Islamic law, resolving legal disputes, and upholding justice in the kingdom.
  10. Kotwal: The kotwal was responsible for maintaining law and order in the city. They served as the chief of police and oversaw the city’s security.
  11. Mukhtiyar or Diwan-i-Rasalat: This officer was responsible for religious matters, including enforcing Islamic laws and customs. They played a role in ensuring adherence to religious practices.
  12. Muhtasib: The muhtasib was responsible for enforcing market regulations, ensuring fair trade practices, and maintaining standards in markets.
  13. Sipahsalar or Commander-in-Chief: The sipahsalar was the highest-ranking military officer in the Delhi Sultanate and played a crucial role in commanding the army during military campaigns.
  14. Kazi-ul-Kuzzat: This officer served as the chief justice and presided over the highest court. They were responsible for interpreting and applying Islamic law in complex legal cases.
  15. Darogha: Daroghas were officers in charge of various departments and functions within the administration, such as the treasury, royal gardens, and royal kitchens.

These are some of the key officers and officials who played important roles in the administrative structure of the Delhi Sultanate. The specific titles and roles could vary during different periods and under different rulers within the sultanate’s history.

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