How to study biology for NEET 2024? – Most Important tips to Prepare for NEET Biology

How to study biology for NEET: NEET examination calls for a thorough preparation to crack the exam easily. Usually when it comes to the preparation of the exam, what students face is a starting problem, and they seem to get perplexed when doing so. Precisely, they face issues beginning with chapters and wonder which topic to start, how to prepare, basically with a headway. Biology is a single subject that comprises a maximum number of questions, as it includes Botany and Zoology. So, knowing the strategies on how to study Biology for the NEET 2024 exam is very important to get a good score.

How to study biology for NEET

To remove any kind of confusion regarding How to study biology for NEET, aspirants can check the strategies to boost their preparation level. With discussion with the subject matter expert of Biology, the below article on How to study biology for NEET comprises the chapter-wise weightage of Biology, the important topics of Biology, daily routine, the topic-wise expected toughness level along with the well-planned preparation tips. For the convenience of aspirants, the innovative tricks to study Biology for NEET 2024 preparation are also mentioned below.

How to study biology for NEET 2024?

The Biology section in the NEET question paper comprises two subjects, Botany and Zoology. A maximum of 360 marks can be obtained in the NEET 2024 biology exam. Biology is the subject in which candidates with better concepts and clarity can score most out of the total marks. Hence, focusing more on Biology for NEET 2024 can increase aspirants’ chances of cracking NEET 2024 in go. The biology syllabus of NEET 2024 carries an almost equal weightage of questions from Class 11 and 12. So, it is mandatory for aspirants to go through the overall syllabus of NEET Biology. Candidates seeking more information regarding how to study biology for NEET 2024 can check the article to know details about it.

NEET Biology chapter-wise weightage


Weightage out of 100

Diversity in Living World


Cell Structure and Function


Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants


Plant Physiology


Human Physiology




Genetics and Evolution


Biotechnology and Its Applications


Biology and Human Welfare


Ecology and environment


How to study biology for NEET: Chapterwise questions from Botany

Class Botany important chapters for NEET 2024 Total
XII Biology in Human Welfare 1
XI Cell & Cell Cycle 5
XI Diversity of Life 5
XII Ecology 6
XII Genetics 6
XI Plant Physiology 8
XII Reproduction & Sexual Reproduction 4
XI Structural Organisation of Plants 5
XII Animal Husbandry & Biotechnology 7
XII Evolution: Theories & Evidences 1
XI Biomolecules 2
Total 50

How to study biology for NEET: Chapterwise questions from Zoology

Class Zoology important chapters for NEET 2024 Total
XII Biology in Human Welfare 2
XI Cell Structure and function 4
XI Diversity of Life 0
XII Ecology 3
XII Genetics 5
XI Plant Physiology 0
XII Reproduction & Sexual Reproduction 0
XI Structural Organisation of Plants 0
XI Animal Kingdom 5
XII Animal Husbandry & Biotechnology 6
XII Evolution 1
XII Human Health & Disease 1
XI Human Physiology 10
XII Human Reproduction & Reproductive Health 6
XI Biomolecules 3
XI Structural Organisation in Animals 4
Total 50

5 Essential Preparation Tips for NEET Biology

  • First and foremost, know your biology syllabus for NEET exam. It is advised to start with the NCERT textbook for biology as NCERT books are deemed best. Additionally, it is the standard book.
  • It is advised to split the syllabus for biology into 3 parts, for easy preparation. Generally, the question types for the exam will be from three types of chapters, they are:
    • Must-Do: It includes questions from topics such as Animal Respiration, Reproduction & Development, Animal Nutrition, Animal Tissues, Biotechnology, Ecology and more.
    • Do Only if you have sufficient time: This section includes chapters like the Anatomy of Flowering Plants, Animal Kingdom from Porifera to Echinoderms, Microbes and Origin of Life, Growth Repair and Regeneration, Biodiversity etc.
    • Do or Die: The category covers important topics like Photosynthesis, Cell Structure, Plant Morphology, Plant Nutrition, Genetics, Monera, Plant Kingdom, and many others.
  • Never forget the most important step in your preparation is to refer NEET previous question papers of biology. It provides an idea about the question patterns and is the best way to practice and revise.
  • Students are advised to study all the examples given in NCERT along with the common names and to prepare wisely for Plantae and Animalia topics as it is time-consuming and exhaustive. And, more emphasis must be given on Chordates of class levels and Phylum in Non-Chordates.
  • Always have the habit of making charts and notes of names while studying for biology as this will help you in revising and to keep names on your fingertips. Also, it becomes easy to refer before the NEET exam.

How to study biology for NEET: Study timetable

The aforementioned topics are very important for aspirants to go through while preparing for NEET Biology. Studying these concepts requires proper discipline and a well-managed daily routine. Candidates can go through the well-structured daily routine which they can use while preparing for NEET 2024 at home.

  • Wake up at your convenience but do not make it too late to be called afternoon.

  • Have a salutary breakfast.

  • Study for two hours

  • Take a small 10-minute break

  • Have a half-hour revision

  • Have your lunch; a power nap would be a good idea too!

  • Two hours of study again followed by a 10-minute short break

  • Do a little physical exercise, as it increases your circulation all over your body

  • Eat something, a kind of snacks to refill yourself

  • A revision of half an hour is required

  • Have a light dinner

  • Study for one hour

  • Listen to some good soothing music and go off to a good night’s sleep.

Preparation tips for NEET Biology 2024

Candidates can go through the following tips to be taken care of while preparing for Biology for cracking the NEET 2024.

  • Avoid reading from multiple sources during this time. NCERT Biology textbook should be revised as much as possible.

  • All the aforementioned topics given should be covered thoroughly.

  • Practice questions as much as you can, understanding the question is the first step towards solving it.

  • Topics like human physiology, plant physiology, reproduction, genetics, and ecology should be given more attention.

  • Attempt mock tests to improve the speed of attempting questions.

Innovative methods for NEET 2024 Biology

Candidates can go through innovative ways of studying while preparing for Biology to crack the NEET medical entrance exam.

  • Utilize online resources to fill the learning gap

  • Practice more and more diagrams and paste them around to keep a regular revision and also to give color to the study space

  • Candidates can use calm music in the background while studying, at their convenience.

  • Keep a little physical exercise going along with the preparation.

  • Avoid reading too many news articles.

Tricks to keep in mind while preparing for NEET 2024 Biology

Candidates can go through some innovative tricks to study Biology while preparing for NEET 2024.

  • Revise all diagrams and tables from NCERT books thoroughly.

  • Examples for the plant kingdoms, animal kingdom, plant morphology, plant anatomy, and animal tissue to be read from NCERT

  • Practice pedigree analysis to get quick inferences

  • Learn the different genetic combinations for dihybrid crosses

  • In genetics, the process of central dogma should be thoroughly revised

  • Practice NCERT based questions as much as you can.

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