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First Anglo Sikh War: The First Anglo-Sikh War was a critical step in the British expansion in India, as it brought the valuable region of the Punjab under British control. It also had significant repercussions for the future of the Sikh Empire and India as a whole, as it marked the beginning of British dominance in the Indian subcontinent.

First Anglo Sikh War

The First Anglo-Sikh War, also known as the First Sikh War, was a military conflict between the Sikh Empire and the British East India Company that took place from 1845 to 1846. This war was one of the early conflicts that led to the eventual annexation of the Punjab region by the British. Here are the key events and outcomes of the First Anglo-Sikh War:


  • The Sikh Empire, under the leadership of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, had been a formidable power in North India. However, after Ranjit Singh’s death in 1839, the empire weakened due to internal strife and leadership struggles.


  1. Territorial Disputes: The British were concerned about the territorial expansion of the Sikh Empire, especially in areas near their borders.
  2. Gulab Singh’s Conflict: Disputes between the Sikh Empire and Gulab Singh, the ruler of Jammu and a British ally, led to hostilities.
  3. Opium Trade Dispute: A dispute over opium trade routes in the northwest further strained relations between the British and the Sikhs.

Key Events:

  • The First Anglo-Sikh War began in December 1845 when the British, under the command of Sir Hugh Gough, advanced into Sikh territories.
  • The Battle of Mudki in December 1845 was the first major engagement of the war. The British secured a narrow victory.
  • The Battle of Ferozeshah in December 1845 was a significant battle in which the British were initially repulsed but ultimately prevailed.
  • The Battle of Aliwal in January 1846 was a decisive British victory.
  • The Battle of Sobraon in February 1846 marked the end of the war. The British emerged victorious, and the Sikh forces were decisively defeated.


  • The Treaty of Lahore was signed in March 1846, which ended the First Anglo-Sikh War. Under the terms of the treaty, the Sikh Empire ceded substantial territories to the British, including the Jullundur Doab and Kashmir. The young Maharaja Duleep Singh was recognized as the ruler of the Punjab, but he was placed under British protection and control.
  • The British established a Resident in the Sikh capital of Lahore to oversee the administration of the Punjab.
  • The defeat in the First Anglo-Sikh War marked the decline of the Sikh Empire and set the stage for the Second Anglo-Sikh War in 1848-49.
  • Ultimately, the Second Anglo-Sikh War led to the annexation of the Punjab by the British in 1849, formally ending the rule of the Sikh Empire.

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