Electrostatic Potential – Class 12 | Chapter – 2 | Physics Short Notes Series PDF for NEET & JEE

Electrostatic Potential: It is a term used in physics to describe the amount of electrical potential energy that is stored in a system of charged particles due to their distribution and arrangement. It is a scalar quantity that is proportional to the amount of work required to move a unit positive charge from a reference point to the location of the charged system. The electrostatic potential at a point in space is defined as the amount of work required to move a unit positive charge from an arbitrarily chosen reference point to that point, with the electric field being zero at the reference point.

Units of Electrostatic Potential

  • SI unit: volt
  • Other units: statvolt
  • Symbol: V or φ
  • Dimensional Formula: ML2T3I-1

Formula of Electrostatic Potential

The formula also known as electric potential, at a point in space is given by:

V = W/q

where V is the electrostatic potential (in volts), W is the work done in moving a positive charge q (in coulombs) from the reference point to the point in question, and q is the charge of the particle being moved.

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