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Difference Between Locomotion and Movement: Locomotion and Movement are also specific forms of motion. They might seem similar but there is a clear difference between the two.

The main difference between locomotion and movement is that locomotion is done to change the position while movement can be done without changing the place. Movement is a style of moving. Locomotion is more like displacement. Both are necessary for running daily errands by human beings and animals. These terms also have their types.

Difference Between Locomotion and Movement

Locomotion Movement
The movement of the entire body from one location to another in a precise direction is referred to as locomotion.. The motion that occurs with or without moving away from an organism’s original position is referred to as movement.
It might happen when the organism moves away from its original spot. It can happen with or without the organism moving away from its original place.
It takes place at the organismal level. It takes place on a biological level.
Locomotion is usually voluntary. There are two types of movement: voluntary and involuntary.
It does not always necessitate the use of energy. It necessitates the use of energy.
Aerial, Arboreal, Aquatic, Cursorial, Fossorial, Saltatorial are the types of locomotion. Amoeboid, Ciliary, Muscular are the types of movement.
Walking, running, flying, swimming, jumping are examples of locomotion. Movement of limbs, tongue and jaw are examples of movement.


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