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Dicotyledonous Leaf: Dorsiventral leaves (Dicotyledonous) are found in dicots. The vertical section of a dorsiventral leaf contains three distinct parts.

Dicotyledonous Leaf

Types of Dicotyledonous Leaf

1) Epidermis: Epidermis is present on both the upper surface (adaxial epidermis) and the lower surface (abaxial epidermis). The epidermis on the outside is covered with a thick cuticle. Abaxial epidermis bears more stomata than the adaxial epidermis.

2) Mesophyll: Mesophyll is a tissue of the leaf present between the adaxial and abaxial epidermises. It is differentiated into the palisade parenchyma (composed of tall, compactly-placed cells) and the spongy parenchyma (comprising oval or round, loosely-arranged cells with inter cellular spaces). Mesophyll contains the chloroplasts which perform the function of photosynthesis.

3) Vascular system: The vascular bundles which are the conducting tissues called xylem and phloem are present in the veins of the leaves and are conjoint and closed. They are surrounded by thick layers of bundle-sheath cells and helps with the transport of water, food (glucose) and minerals.


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