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Diakinesis: The fifth stage of prophase I of the meiosis I cell division is diakinesis. In this stage chromosomes continue to condense. The four components of the tetrads usually become apparent for the first time during meiosis. Through efficient overlapping, the sites of crossing over become intertwined. Chiasmata are readily evident as a result.


Stages of Diakinesis

At this stage, bivalents distribute them evenly in the nucleus. The nuclear membrane breaks down and the nucleolus disappears. Chiasma moves towards the end, which is called terminalization. Chromatids remain attached only at the terminal chiasmata and enter the metaphase stage.

The changes in this sub-phase are as follows:

  • It is accomplished that the nucleolus completely vanishes

  • There is a loss of nuclear membrane

  • Spindle apparatus forms toward the conclusion of this subphase

  • Chromosome chiasmata travel to the ends of chromosomes as homologous chromosomes begin to split

  • Chromosomes becomes recondense, transcription halts, and the transition to metaphase takes place as prophase I comes to a conclusion.

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