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Contribution of T H Morgan to Genetics: T. H. Morgan (1866-1945) was an American genetist who was awarded Nobel Prize in 1933. His work confirmed that genes are stored in chromosomes inside cell nuclei. He came to understand that genes are organized in a long row inside chromosomes and how traits related to each other correspond to genes that lie close to one another on the chromosomes. He also discovered the crossover phenomenon, in which parts of different chromosomes can trade places with one another.

Contribution of T H Morgan to Genetics

  • Morgan found fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster to be better material for experiments on genetics as it was easy to rear and multiply it throughout the year.
  • He established the presence of genes over the chromosomes.
  • Morgan established the principle of linkage and crossing over.
  • He discovered sex linkage and criss-cross inheritance.
  • He developed the technique of chromosome mapping.
  • He observed mutations.
  • In 1926, Morgan wrote a book “The theory of Gene.”


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