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Conductors Handwritten Notes PDF: In simple terms, an electrical conductor is defined as materials that allow electricity to flow through them easily. This property of conductors that allow them to conduct electricity is known as conductivity. The flow of electrons in a conductor is known as the electric current. The force required to make that current flow through the conductor is known as voltage.

When a charge is transferred to such an element, it gets distributed across the entire surface of the object, which results in the movement of electrons in the object. The charges transferred to an electrical conductor distribute until the force of repulsion between electrons in areas of excess electrons is decreased to the minimum value. When such an object is brought in contact with another conductor, the charge gets transferred from the first conductor to the other until the overall repulsion due to charge is minimized.

Metals, humans, and earth are all conductors. This is the reason why we get electric shocks!

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Conductors Handwritten Notes PDF

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