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Compound Nouns Notes: A compound noun is a noun made up of two or more words that together represent a single concept or entity. Compound nouns are formed by combining two or more words, often with a hyphen or without any punctuation. In this blog, we will explore the definition of compound nouns, provide examples, and discuss their usage.

Compound Nouns

A compound noun is a noun made up of two or more words that together represent a single concept or entity. The meaning of a compound noun is often different from the meanings of the individual words that make it up. Compound nouns can be formed by combining two nouns, a noun and an adjective, or a verb and a noun.

Examples of Compound Nouns

  • Toothpaste: A substance used for cleaning teeth.
  • Backpack: A bag worn on the back for carrying belongings.
  • Baby-sitter: A person hired to take care of a child.
  • Fisherman: A person who catches fish.
  • Airplane: A machine used for flying through the air.

Usage Tips

When using compound nouns, it is important to remember that they are treated as a single unit and are often written without any punctuation or with a hyphen between the words. For example, “toothpaste” is written as one word, while “baby-sitter” is written with a hyphen between the words.

Compound nouns can also be used as adjectives to modify other nouns. For example, “water bottle” is a compound noun used to describe a type of bottle used for holding water.

It is also important to pay attention to the stress and emphasis placed on the different parts of a compound noun. In some cases, the stress may be on the first word, such as in “toothpaste,” while in other cases, it may be on the second word, such as in “airplane.”


Compound nouns are an important part of the English language. They allow us to combine words to create new meanings and simplify language by representing complex ideas with a single word. By understanding the definition and examples of compound nouns, you can improve your communication skills and create more concise and clear sentences.

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